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Visit Cuba Tuesday Night!

Posted by CLaBarge on May 22nd, 2015

May 26, 2015
7:00 pmto8:30 pm

cubaLocal attorney David Avigdor spent 12 days in Cuba, and will be speaking about his impressions of the Cuban people and culture. David’s travels in Cuba left him with surprising impressions of Cuban food, music, politics, and the physical and political conditions in Cuba. He will share his photographs of Cuba to illustrate his talk. David very much enjoys sharing his experiences, and will be available for questions and discussion after this presentation.

Funding provided by the town of Lake Luzerne and Warren County Occupancy Tax

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Women of Wisdom

Posted by CLaBarge on May 7th, 2015

May 12, 2015
7:00 pmto8:30 pm

Grandmother is a term of respect used in many indigenous cultures for women passed child bearing age who take on the responsibility of mothering the whole tribe. In our society the term grandmother is an appropriate term of respect to refer to any older woman who accepts responsibility for others whether or not she has grandchildren.

As we prepare for croning together, we are like snakes shedding the worn out skin of our younger years. We prepare to give birth to our soul-radiant crone selves. Now is the time to spread our wings and take advantage of the new perspective our crone years give us. Now is the time to awake the lion power within ourselves and tempering it with compassion and wisdom use it to act for the good of humanity. We will discover how to honor and respect our experiences, intuition, knowledge and give credence to our elder years and wise women.

Presenter: Rev. Angela Pace Lunz M. Div has worked in the upstate area for 18 years as a minister, educator, counselor and business woman but more importantly as a spouse, mother, and friend. Her life has put her in the erudite position to integrate her knowledge with her life experiences and gain the wisdom she so desperately needs to make a better life for herself and her family through all their trials and tribulations.

The main door of the library is locked at 7:00.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes early.  If you must arrive late, please use the door on the left side of the library.

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Artist of the month of May is David Avigdor

Posted by rgames on May 2nd, 2015

My exhibit New York/Paris is at the Hadley-Luzerne Public Library, Main Street, Lake Luzerne. The exhibit is an exploration of similarities and differences between New York and Paris through the lens. I visited streets, churches, cafés, subways and monuments of the two cities and present my photographic vision of them. It’s on display until May 29.david 1david 2

I photograph not to record only what I see, but to convey my reaction to those sights; to reflect a personal and emotional response to the people, places and things I encounter. My digital camera is a tool to interpret what I see. Minimal digital processing allows that interpretation to be refined to convey the reality that moves me, and the impact that a subject creates in me. I hope that my reactions to my subjects, be they images of beautiful parts of the world, or difficult ones, or quirky ones, are interesting and meaningful. Enjoy my reflections! David Avigdor

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Adirondack 102 Club Lecture

Posted by CLaBarge on April 23rd, 2015

April 30, 2015
6:30 pmto8:00 pm

The Adirondack 102 Club:
Your Passport & Guide to all the North Country Towns & Villages

On Thursday April 30th at 6:30 pm please join author and historian, Marty Podskoch, for a talk about his latest project, the Adirondack 102 Club, that encourage people to visit all 102 towns and villages in the Adirondacks. The program will be held at the Hadley-Luzerne Public Library and is open to the public.
The idea for the 102 Club began after Podskoch read about Dr. Arthur Peach of Vermont who in 1954 suggested the idea of an informal group, the Vermont 251 Club, to veer off the beaten path “to discover the secret and lovely places that main roads do not reveal.” Podskoch believed the Adirondacks would benefit from a similar club who has traveled extensively in the Adirondacks gathering material for his five books on the Adirondack fire towers, the Civilian Conservation Corps camps, and Adirondack lore, and will share the joys of fully experiencing the Adirondacks and getting to know its local people and places.
NYS Senator Betty Little wrote the preface for the book and stated: “The “Adirondack 102 Club” is inspired in part by the early 20th Century Adirondack travels of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and John Burroughs – innovators whose shared pursuit of lifelong learning brought them together to the Adirondacks.
“I hope you, too, are inspired to explore the Adirondacks and to learn something new and unexpected about our history, our traditions, our way of life and our future.
“It is one thing to say: ‘I visited the Adirondacks,’ quite another to say ‘I experienced the Adirondacks.’ I promise an enriching journey and encourage you to do so with friends and loved ones with this unique passport in hand. A great adventure awaits!”
After the presentation, Podskoch along with some of the contributing authors will sign copies of the new book, Adirondack 102 Club: Your Passport & Guide to the North Country,
***Please note the earlier time of 6:30 p.m.*****
Funding provided by the town of Lake Luzerne and Warren County Occupancy Tax

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April Artist Kathy Garofalo

Posted by rgames on April 2nd, 2015

Kathy pix 1
Kathy has had an interest in art since she was 4 years old. Starting with crayola crayons and progressing onto poster paints, she developed her artist soul at a young age. Encouraged by family she continued her artistic expressions whenever she could.
After trying many mediums she took a quick course and discovered acrylics and Folk Art on wood, old furniture, in primitive paintings and then she knew she had found her niche.
Kathy is most well-known here at the Hadley Luzerne Public Library as a longtime employee, now retired, and the artist who painted our Children’s Room.
Stop by and see her paintings!Kathy pix 2

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Local Author releases Kindle Book

Posted by rgames on March 12th, 2015

Dr. Susan Hunter, one of our Book Club members, has just published a new book, now available in a Kindle edition on Amazon.com. Check it out!!! How exciting!!!

Elephant Murders (kindle) (Click Here) elephant murders Plunge into the Fast-Paced World of International Elephant Poaching with Book 1 of the 3-part Elephant Murder Crime Series”Elephant Murders, a three-volume work and part of a larger series featuring Zambia CID Deputy Inspector Malinga Mutende, brings the issues of international ivory poaching alive. Malinga is a modern hero for Africans working to ensure the stability of their countries and the future of their children. I’ve been privileged to know and work with many Africans like her. Let her give us hope!”
“Story telling is the best form of advocacy I know.”

Author, anthropologist, and activist Susan S. Hunter has lived and worked in Africa since 1989. A Ph.D. medical anthropologist/advocate for the human rights of children orphaned by AIDS, Dr. Hunter’s extensive publications include five books, numerous refereed articles, national and international policy studies and strategy papers for governments, donors, and NGOs. She’s worked in 31 countries around the world and visited many more. Black Death: AIDS in Africa (Palgrave/Macmillan 2003); was ranked as one of the top five AIDS books of all times by the London Times. Hunter also holds a Masters of Architecture, and has developed programs in affordable housing in developing countries.

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Book Club

Posted by rgames on February 20th, 2015

Every 2nd Thursday of the month the Hadley Luzerne Public Library’s Book Club meets from 4-5pm. All are welcome to join in the discussions of preselected books. The books are chosen carefully with member’s input rotating every other month fiction and non-fiction for well-balanced and thought provoking discussions. We even host an occasional “Science” book club with a scientist facilitator leading a more in-depth evaluation and overview. Please contact us at 696-3423 and we will add you the list!
Join the discussion for this month’s book “Bunker Hill” on March 12, 2015 at 4pm.
bunker hill
“Nathaniel Philbrick, the bestselling author of In the Heart of the Sea and Mayflower, brings his prodigious talents to the story of the Boston battle that ignited the American Revolution.”
Boston 1775, the Boston Tea Party, British and American soldiers ,the Battle of Bunker Hill
Paul Revere, George Washington, and more in this month’s Book Club selection.

“Philbrick guides us beautifully through Revolutionary Boston, with the Battle of Bunker Hill as his story’s grand climax — and with today’s global events enlivening the old tale.”
—The New York Times Book Review

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Posted by CLaBarge on February 5th, 2015

You now have access to Ancestry and Heritage Quest

HeritageQuest Research your family history online. This collection assembles every extant U.S. federal census, banking and military records, genealogies, local histories, primary source materials, and genealogical and local history serials. Purchased for residents in Hamilton, Saratoga, Warren and Washington Counties through a generous grant from Senator Hugh Farley, New York State Central Book Aid and the Southern Adirondack Library System. Use it from home
Hadley-Luzerne Public Library Online Research Page

Start your own genealogy using the U.S. Census (1790-1930), New York Passenger lists (1851-1891), World War I Draft Registration Cards (1917-1918), Civil War Service Records, the Social Security Death Index, and the England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland Parish and Probate Records plus much more. . Purchased for residents in Hamilton, Saratoga, Warren and Washington Counties through a generous grant from the New York State Central Book Aid and the Southern Adirondack Library System. In-library use only

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Winter Photography Show Continues

Posted by rgames on February 4th, 2015

dona 1 dona 2

Dona Guillo continues her exhibit this month at the library with photography depicting winter birds.

Dona is originally from Wading River, Long Island NY and has been a resident of Hadley for many years. She has been taking pictures since she was 12yrs old. Her love of the natural world inspires her photography. People tell her, “You’ve got a good eye’ but in truth she tells them “I see with my heart”. Her Photo library is filled with images of God’s Creation- flowers, forests, landscapes, lakes and much, much more! Her favorite mediums are abstracts and macro photography. Dona’s Photo Art is a reflection of her imagination brought to life as captured in the lens of her camera. These images are then digitally enhanced in order to highlight the beauty that surrounds us. She is not interested in awards or accolades but her heart’s desire is to create beauty, by expressing truth, as a labor of love by offering her art for all to enjoy. Check out her new website






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Email from the IRS to the library

Posted by CLaBarge on January 20th, 2015

Subject: IRS Tax Forms Outlet Program (TFOP) Filing Season Update
While we had committed to waiting until next year to making changes to the Tax Forms Outlet Program, the situation has changed. As you may be aware, IRS appropriations were significantly cut in the 2015 Omnibus Appropriations bill recently passed by Congress. Unfortunately this puts us in a position where we have very few options. We want to honor our commitment to you by providing some key products, but we cannot deliver nearly what we have in the past.

For this filing season, we will offer the following products:
• Forms 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ
• Publication 17, one reference copy for each participant (Taxpayers will be able to access Publication 17 in English and Spanish online from irs.gov/Pub17 and, new this year, it will also be available as a free e-Pub for downloading from IRS.gov and viewing on most e-Readers and other mobile devices.)
• Publication 4604 (EN/SP), Use the Web for IRS Tax Products & Information
• Publication 1132, Reproducible Copies of Federal Tax Forms and Instructions
• The TFOP Poster Package which includes:
o Publication 1169, Need Tax Help?
o Publication 1258, Where Should I Send This?
o Publication 1309, Tax Forms This Way Publication
o Publication 1725, If The Form Fits…Use It!

No additional products will be available through the TFOP Program. We will not be sending Form 8635-S, Supplement to Form 8635.

We will fill orders for Forms 1040 and 1040A with the quantities you requested on your order form earlier this year. Because Form 1040EZ was not on this year’s order form, we will send you 75% of your Form 1040 A order quantity. For example, if you ordered 3000 Form 1040 A, we will send you 2250 Form 1040EZ. It is not necessary for you to place an order for Form 1040EZ; we will automatically ship Form 1040EZ to you once the form becomes available.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer Instructions for Forms 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ. Your patrons can obtain copies of Instructions through:
• IRS.gov/Forms – to view and download
• IRS.gov/orderforms – to order tax products to be delivered by mail
• 1-800-829-3676 – to order tax products to be delivered by mail
The decision to reduce the number of tax products available to our TFOP partners was not made lightly. We realize this decision is not ideal and we understand it may impact you and your customers. Please offer Publication 4604 (EN/SP) to your patrons to help guide them to tax products and information available on IRS.gov. We apologize for these late program changes.

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